Ollinmäki winery is located in South-Savo region of Finland. Gardening had been practiced on the winery site since 1920s. Up until the middle of 1990s, the farm has been specializing in berry juices products. When the producers earned enough experience of juice making, the alcoholic beverages has been released. Later, Villanens family went to Europe for acquiring new knowledge and technologies of wine making.

Nowadays, winery produces different kinds of wines, liquors and hard liquors. We’re always striving to expanding our products range. Our continuous and hard work had been approved by experts and our products has received various trophies. Our wines were named after traditional Finnish names. The newest product of the winery – Ruhtinatar (Princess) sparkling wine, named after princess Natalia Demidoff, who lived closely to the winery. Our winery is situated in an old farm barn, where the restaurant with 100 seats is located. Here we make wine tastings and throw various events.

At our restaurant the guests may order local dainties and, certainly, taste our berry wines, made from 100% Finnish ingredients. You can also take a look at the production site and buy the winery’s products. Our summer terrace is a perfect place to spend an unforgettable summer evening at.

Despite wines and restaurant services, we are also renting out 3 villas on the shore of Saimaa lake. We offer different leisure services, such as guided fishing tours.
Staying at Ollinmäki winery is an experience of unconstrained Finnish leisure, local wines degustation, and, of course, visiting traditional Finnish sauna.