Ollinmäki winery


Ollinmäki winery is situated right next to the main road 62 in the village of Anttola in Mikkeli municipality. Ollinmäki winery combines a fully functional winery and a tourism company. We have built a wine cellar, souvenir and wine shop and a restaurant in an old palatial stone barn.

We bring together domestic berries and Central European wine making skills and then add some Finnish flair for innovation. After all, we were one of the first wineries in Finland when we began work in 1995. As our guests, you will be acquainted with wine making and get to taste awarded drinks that have been prepared from real Finnish farm products. At Ollimäki, you can buy wines, eat, drink and celebrate.

Anttola is a real pearl of the Finnish lake district, as nearly 1/3 of its area is water.
If you wish to stay with us longer, we also have three classy holiday cottages to let, as well as bed & breakfast type accommodation in our yard.
The journey from our farm to the Mikkeli town is 18 km and the capital can be reached swiftly as the city is only 2.5 hours away.
A pleasant stay at Ollinmäki combines the experience of European wine-tasting with a relaxing stay in one of our cottages, which are well furnished, include most modern conveniences and function as wonderful holiday destinations all year round. Among other things, you will have personal access to your own carport, fireplace, pier, rowboat and life-jackets.

We are there for you throughout your entire holiday to share interesting stories of the scenery, culture and nature of our region.

Store at the Winery

At our vinery you can visit a shop, situated in an old barn, where you can find all the products of the winery. The production process of wines and other beverages can be seen from the store premises. At our store you can also buy wine jams, mustard made from resin tincture and gifts production.

Ollinkellari Restaurant

Our restaurant with 100 seats, will perfectly fit for various events, lunches or dinners. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea here. Our guests can also order alcoholic beverages, produced by the winery. On a request, this restaurant can be entirely booked for your group.

Summer Terrace

Our summer terrace is one of the best places to rest at with a glass of local made cider on a hot summer day.

Puntun Paavo and Myllärin Matti

Our wines were named after traditional Finnish names – Puntun Paavo, Myllärin Matti, Hentun Liisa and so on. Princess sparkling wine, made from redcurrant, is named after princess Natalia Demidoff, who lived closely to the winery.

Viinitila Anttola

Bed and Breakfast
We offer our guests affordable Bed and Breakfast services with room in the old barn of the winery. Room for one night – 49 €, breakfast – 8 €, bedding – 6 €.